Our Financial Planning Services


Financial Checkup

A Financial Check-up is a project-based engagement to assist clients who want to answer a specific question about their finances.  We bill for this service on an hourly basis at our standard rates.  A financial check-up can provide a low cost review of your financial health: cash flow, risk management, retirement planning, and savings with a focus on identifying actions you can take to improve them.  Usually accomplished in one or two in-person sessions with a summary report of results.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

This is the starting point for an ongoing financial  planning relationship.  It begins with an in depth analysis of your financial position, financial goals and priorities with a detailed written plan of recommended short and long-term actions to help you achieve your goals.  A full financial plan will require several sessions to: 

•    Develop a detailed picture of your current financial position 

•    Identify and prioritize your goals and objectives 

•    Develop alternative scenarios for achieving those goals 

•    Settle on a specific recommended plan and identify the action steps required to implement it. 

As part of the ongoing relationship we can help with plan implementation, or you may decide to put your plan into action yourself. We are always ready to assist and provide guidance and investment advice when it is needed. 

Annual monitoring and updating of the plan is available and recommended as an additional service and is required for clients for whom we provide asset management services. 

Asset Management

Fuller Brook has an arrangement with Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. (“MIS”) to provide active management of mutual fund, ETF and stock portfolios for Fuller Brook clients.  Morningstar’s MIS lineup includes more than 40 investment choices that together are called Morningstar® Managed PortfoliosSM.  Backed by the independent research
 of Morningstar, Inc., each portfolio is built for the long term, managed with a keen
 eye on risk, and created to put your needs front and center, where they belong.  Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. and Fuller Brook Financial Partners will work together to provide a comprehensive asset management solution for our clients.

Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. and Morningstar, Inc. are not affiliated with Fuller Brook Financial Partners, LLC.

 A description of the fees we charge for these services is available in our ADV Part 2 Brochure which can be downloaded from the link on the Contact Us page